Who We Are

The Iranian-American Foundation, (IAF) is a nonprofit 501 (C) (3) community affair organization registered in the State of Florida. The organization and its directors are subject to Sunshine Law. The Foundation is a bipartisan non- sectarian member organization that seeks to facilitate the interests of the Iranian-American community of South Florida with the American public, the media and South Florida policy makers. We work to expand opportunities to foster greater understanding of our community and its Persian heritage in the South Florida Community. Our goal is to facilitate a network of collaborations with members, interact with each other through shared interests, professional and social networks. IAF is based in Miami, Florida, and is an inclusive organization whose membership is open to the community at-large regardless of ethnicity, religion or political orientation.

Our Vision

Empower the Iranian-American community, honor our heritage, expand opportunities, and share our resources to strengthen our positive image and bring about respect with influential presence in our South Florida Community. To meet the demands of the Vision, the IAF is committed to: Provide an infrastructure that would facilitate interaction between Iranian-American business, professional and social organizations, henceforth enabling a community network. Offer a creative and multi-dimensional, cultural, educational and social experience and support to the community. Access the key media of South Florida and develop strategies to project an accurate and positive portrait of Iranian-Americans. Promote and celebrate the success of the Iranian Americans of South Florida in various community events. Conduct surveys to better understand the needs of its South Florida Community. Utilize social networking and bimonthly communication with our community to develop a statistical data bank for better demographic accuracy of the Iranian American community in South Florida. We believe that such activities are powerful ways to bring the community together. This will offer immediate, tangible benefit of community belonging and enrich and strengthened community building.

Organizational Structure

• Steering Committee: IAF has enlisted seven (7) community member to lead the initial task of establishing the Foundation. The number of the Steering Committee members may increase up to nine (9) based on the demands of the task. Any changes in the structure of the Steering Committee may take place with the majority vote.

The duration of the Steering Committee’s work will expire on August 31, 2016. The Steering Committee will be dissolved upon the election of the first Board of Directors. The Steering Committee must follow a one-year time line and fulfill tasks as mentioned in Appendix A.

The Steering Committee will conduct weekly conference calls and monthly live meetings. Based on need, the Steering Committee may have occasional community meetings. The community members will receive the Steering Committee’s progress reports via E-mail.

• By-Laws: The State of Florida requires the existence of the Foundation’s By-Laws during this period of time, and prior to the election of the first Board of Directors.

The future Board of Directors may modify the rules and regulations while substantially adhering to the Foundation’s By-Laws and the legal guidelines. Such changes must pass by six (6) out of nine (9), or more members of the Board of Directors

• Membership:

IAF invites and encourages all Iranians and friends of Iran to join this organization. The individual’s membership is based on an annual membership fee not less than $25/Yr. Organizations and other entities may enter specific collaborations with IAF. The IAF practices open membership policy without exclusion as to any religious, national, political, racial, gender and sexual orientation. The membership fees are to be fully or partially allocated to the programs sponsored by IAF.

• Board of Directors:

The board of directors is composed of nine (9) Iranian and/or non-Iranian community members that are nominated and elected by all members. The term for a Board Member is two years. However, a Board Member may serve for two consecutive terms if elected. All nine (9) members of the Board will have one (1) equal vote. The board of directors will elect the following officials:

• Board Chair

• Board Vice Chair 1

• Board Vice Chair 2

• Board Secretary

• Board Treasurer


• The 4 Executive Committee members All Board’s decisions are made by the majority vote. The place, date and time of the Board meetings must be advertised in social media such as the IAF Facebook. The Board meetings are open to the public.

Board duties

• Upon the election, the Board of Directors is responsible to develop and publish a one-year plan according with the Foundation’s vision and goals. The plan must include but not be limited to :

• Membership Committee

• Fundraising Committee

• Committee of major events and activities

• Task committees need to be formed by the Board, and one Board member must be in that committee.

• The Board is responsible to publish the IAF annual program calendar in September’s annual general assembly.

• The Board is responsible to publish the IAF financial activities and reports in July of each year.

• The board is responsible to keep the IAF Website/Facebook active and updated at all times.

• The board members will not be compensated for their work as Board members.

• The Board is to keep in touch with current members, recruit new members, collect membership fees, plan and organize the programs and create subcommittees and support groups as needed.

• The Board must be actively involved with fundraising and grant writing.

• The financial decisions are made by the Board, and therefore the Board is responsible for the financial stability of IAF.

• All transactions must take place through the IAF account and all checks must be signed jointly by the Board Chair and the Treasurer. Appendix A The Steering Committee is a temporary body and is responsible to create a platform with the initial components that are imperative to the IAF organizational, physical expansion and financial strength and stability.

Organizational Focus Short-Term (August-September 2015):

• Develop the by-laws • Register the organization as a 501 (c) (3)

• Create the Foundation’s logo and letterhead

• Establish, activate, manage and communicate through social and print media.

• Quantify the target number of membership by September 2016 and monitor the progress on monthly basis.

• Create sub-committees for specific purposes including but not limited to advertisement, media, membership and fundraising.

• Plan for the collaboration with JUSTICE Foundation’s September event. Mid-Term (October-November-December 2015):

• Invite local officials, journalists and business owners to the bi-monthly gatherings.

• Semi-formal kick-off promotional gathering in October 2015. Long-Term (January-February-March 2016):

• Organize bi-monthly informal community gatherings with the purpose of networking.

• Organize and promote a minimum of two major events to gather the members, potential members, partially interested and some of the non-interest community.

• Prepare for the Asian Festival.

• Organize major Persian traditional celebrations.

• Support the community.

• Image building.

• Persian House (Khaneh Iran). Financial Focus:

• Assess the initial financial needs, evaluate the resources/revenues and develop a one year budget plan.

• Quantify and set goals for collecting the membership fees.

• Identify the fundraising opportunities including but not limited to grant writing.

• Publish the one year financial report in July 2016

Representing Our Community

Business Relations and Advocacy

Sponsor business and professional networking events.

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Cultural Awareness and Outreach

Have galleries, exhibits and concerts to showcase Iranian music and artwork.

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Community Volunteering Service

Provide pro bono services by connecting professionals with the individuals in need of assistance.

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Civil and Governmental

Influential interaction with local government to strengthen our presence and voice within community.

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